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How to Craft A Great Heroine

Welcome back, HoneyScribblers! Today's post is all about writing a great heroine. But let's start with the most basic question: what does it mean to be a heroine?

A heroine is a main female character who has her own goals and ambitions that drive her to take action and not be an add-on in someone else's story. It's someone who has mistakes and flaws and is capable of messing up, because that's the most humane trait a person can have. What makes a heroine a heroine is the fact that the character is able to not only adapt, but grow and learn from those very mistakes and show strength in times of weakness.

So, how do we craft a great heroine?

Well, let's find out.

  1. First, we need to make sure that the heroine has a clear purpose and is offering something to the story. She has to be able to bring something to the table, whether it's through helping the plot move or helping the characters realize the thing they've been missing or have wrongly put their belief in. The important thing to remember is to not make the heroine a victim in her own plot. She can't play a passive role in her story, or let other characters' actions dictate her own. A strong heroine makes her own choices, but does them based on her beliefs and because she has a purpose behind every action she makes. She should also have a key attribute that she is well-known for, like the act of persuasion or patience in alert situations. It's the thing that makes her stand out that deems her worthy of rememberance to readers.

  2. A great heroine needs to be relatable. If you want them to battle dragons and go on suicide missions, fine, go for it. But make sure the character has room to fail and make mistakes. Make sure she is different and unique, and makes readers want to grow attached to the character and want to root for her. Every character is best-liked when they can easily resonate with the audience, and the same can be said for heroines, especially because the story revolves around them, moves with them.

  3. A great heroine needs a past. She can't just make choices by betting on them or pulling them out of a bag of marbles. This character needs to have a connection to something, in order to gain that drive she needs to have a successful character arc.

  4. A great heroine needs to be her own person. Strong females aren't all single or independent. They can have complex emotions or unshakeable bonds with people they love and care about (which is another good attribute for a heroine to have—emotional depth). But none of that matters if they don't follow their own path, and if they don't separate their goals from their relationships. At the end of the day, a character who knows her worth and isn't having a major identity crisis is much better than a character who cannot survive without her lover for 5 seconds.

  5. A great heroine thinks for herself and has her own opinions. She should never have to feel the need to follow someone else if their beliefs differ from her own. I personally love reading about strong females who break out of the typical stereotype of being obedient girls who stay in their place and aren't allowed outside the bubble they're given. Nowadays, woman are given more freedom to thrive and create, and crafting a character with the same liberty and lack of restrictions is refreshing to readers. (I would know, the thought already thrills me. Anybody got any good book recommendations with fantastic heroines? Let me know!)


Alright, that's all for now, HoneyScribblers! You can find me on Instagram, too (where I'm much more active) by searching for @hxneyscribbles! Next week's post will be the complete opposite of today's; we'll be talking about how to craft a great villainess! I'm so excited to share it with you!!

Alright, stay tuned. I'll talk to you soon xx

all credit goes to Female First, Masterclass, and InterGalactic Medicine Show!

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