Everything You Need To Know About My Debut Novel

Long time no talk! It's been a hot minute since I've posted something other than reviews on here, but I'm slowly working back to uploading more, and I'm really excited to share this post with you!

So, if you didn't already know, my debut novel, Freedom for Eternity, is releasing on August 23rd (in less than a month ahh) and I've been receiving a ton of questions about it. Later on this year, probably after release, I'll be doing a Questions and Answers post where I talk about the characters, plot, setting, and basically everything book-related that comes to mind! For now, I want to give a little intro to what you can expect from the book.

(Stay until the end for a little surprise! It may have something to do with the first few chapters of the book... hehehe)

Alright, without further ado, read on and enjoy :)



Series Title: Book of Eternity #1

Setting: Herinfalls, 2145

(West side of New Brunswick, Canada)

Main character(s): Leanna Smith (17), John Ambridge (17)

Side character(s): Laurie Heathwall (17), Drake Garrett (17), Rosie Ambridge (11), Caelum Smith (11), Chad Madison (17), Dr. Frank (28), Sapphire Morganson (16), Ave Mrea (18), Colden Samson (18)

Word Count: 94k

Genre(s): Young Adult Science Fiction, Dystopian Fiction

Subgenre(s): Action & Adventure, Romance

Format: Paperback, Ebook (I'll explain why there is no hardcover option in the Q and A)



In a world taught to solely survive off the basis of a book, a girl dreams of living.

Leanna Smith, a rebellious 17-year-old, wants nothing more than to leave her small hometown, Herinfalls. But, in order to do so, she must break free of the chains binding her to a book that controls her life, her society, and everyone around her.

The Book of Eternity.

As she approaches her final year of high school and the last birthday before she is eligible to leave the town, Leanna is determined, more than ever, to stay out of trouble and not get caught—or worse, end up in juvie.

However, like many things in her life, her plans are heading toward a steep downhill.

From an arrogant boy, broken promises, and unbending laws to freedom in the grasp of her fingertips, Leanna’s life is just getting interesting, and the trouble…

Well, the trouble is only getting started.

Content Warnings: Intense action, violence, and slight gore with brief animal cruelty/death.

Comp. Titles: The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi, The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard, Divergent series by Veronica Roth, The 100 series by Kass Morgan, and The Chrysalids by John Wyndham.



  1. Found family

  2. Childhood enemies to lovers

  3. Sibling relationships + banter

  4. Forced proximity

  5. Platonic soulmates

  6. Right person wrong time

  7. Unknown powers

  8. Old flame vs. new flame (NOT a love triangle)

  9. Dystopian setting

  10. Chosen one



The idea for the plot: December. 30th, 2019

Started Draft 1: July. 27th, 2020

Finished Draft 1: December. 17th, 2020

— Finished Draft 2 —

Finished Draft 3: March. 31st, 2021

Finished Draft 4: June. 10th, 2021

Began beta-reads: August. 21st, 2021

Final draft of cover completed: September. 5th, 2021

Began working on the SEQUEL: September 2021

— Finished Drafts 5 and 6 —

Commissioned character art: February. 3rd, 2022

Hired an editor: February. 1oth, 2022

Finished the sequel of FFE: March. 5th, 2022

Began Draft 7: March. 8th, 2022

Received my first proof copy of FFE: March. 24th, 2022

— Intense proofreading period —

Finished Draft 2 of the sequel: April. 28th, 2022

Finished Draft 7: May. 21st, 2022

Received my second proof copy of FFE: June. 1st, 2022

Finished Draft 8: June. 19th, 2022

Ebook preorders + FFE merch went live: June. 23rd, 2022

Sent E-ARCs out to readers: June. 27th, 2022

Received my first review on Goodreads: July. 9th, 2022

Started a street team for FFE: July. 21st, 2022

Received my third proof copy of FFE: July. 26th, 2022


- Working on Draft 3 of the sequel before it is sent off to beta-readers in September!

- Waiting for ARC readers to leave reviews on their designated social platforms!

- Checking my third proof copy for any errors and praying that it's the final version (fingers crossed)

- Beginning the cover design for Book 2 with @writinggibsongirl (Go check her out!)

- Getting pumped for release on August. 23rd, 2022 :)

- Putting up signed paperbacks in the shop soon (so look out for that!)


Wow. Looking at that timeline really put so much in perspective (it's all becoming real *cries*) This is honestly such a dream come true, and I am BEYOND excited for people to not only read the first book, but the sequel that brings this series to a bittersweet conclusion (for me, at least—don't worry, the ending is only sweet for all the readers <3)

But anyway, I hope this post gave you some insight into the book and piqued your interest as well! The next post will hopefully be the Q and A, but before that, the surprise you've all probably been waiting for...

I am sharing the first 2 chapters of my book with everyone who has subscribed to my newsletter!

So, if you want to be one of those lucky people receiving the book's preview, all you have to do is join my mailing list! I will be sending out the chapters later this week :)

Alright, that's all for today, honeys! I really hope you enjoyed this post—I had such a fun time making it! And remember, this is only the beginning <3

Until next time! Stay safe and healthy xx

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