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Answering Your PRE-RELEASE Questions About FFE!

Welcome back, scribblers! Glad to see you here :) Today I'll be answering some questions you may have about my debut novel, Freedom for Eternity! Without further ado...

  • Why is there no hardcover version for FFE?

Good question! There aren't any hardcovers because I have something special planned for those when I do create those versions for FFE🙈 (which I will—I can assure you of that). So, you can expect hardcovers to be unique to the paperbacks—I'm talking special edition covers, even better prose, and bonus scenes? 👀 We shall see...

  • Why are the ebook's interior illustrations (like the chapter headings/breaks) different from the paperback's?

I actually did that on purpose, because I personally love seeing variety in novels, and I think everyone will get something special! I really hate when people compare readers who prefer ebooks to print books—both are amazing, in my opinion. In fact, I think I read more ebooks than print books just because of their easy accessibility. But that still doesn't mean I don't love print books (they both have their pros and cons—let's leave it at that). So that's mainly why I made them different. No matter what version you read, you'll get a different experience :)

  • Why August. 23rd specifically for FFE's release?

Haha, if it was up to me, I would've actually done August.30th! Tuesdays, for obvious reasons (that's the standard publishing day for trad authors, and I feel good following that as well! But if you're an aspiring author, you can honestly choose whatever day of the week you prefer—my only advice is to avoid national holidays). Anyways, my main reason for doing it in August altogether is school.

If you didn't already know, I'm a student and about to go into my last year of high school as a senior. Publishing in August gave me time for preparations that I couldn't do in May/June or earlier. So, my aim was to publish on the last Tuesday of summer (my first day back is September. 6th). But, as you can probably tell, August. 23rd is exactly two weeks, not one...

And I blame it on my sister and dad (/j). Their birthdays are on August. 30th, and we always go on a special trip around that time, so I didn't want my plans to interfere with that. But hey, August.23rd is turning out to be the perfect publication date because the trip will be a sort of celebration for me as well :) Super excited about that!

  • What is the inspiration behind the cover?

The cover holds a special place in my heart, and I think to all my readers, it will as well. It symbolizes raw emotion from the character in the picture (which hopefully also gets conveyed through the story itself). And it's inspired by the mood/vibe I got while writing the story + reading it about a million times ahaha. I really wanted to hone in on the science fiction elements and also a hidden dark element that shows the dystopian part of the novel, the imperfections and flaws that make it all the more interesting to readers. Plus, there are a plenty of easter eggs waiting to be revealed, so I'm looking forward to getting a lot of messages about that post-release :P

  • What is the meaning behind "Forge ahead and endure the rest" ?

Well, if you haven't already seen this line basically everywhere on my socials (and my merch, which you can find in my shop!), it's a Latin quote that my main character particularly loves. It translates to: Forge ahead and endure the rest, and I've gotten many questions about what that entails. Well, without spoiling too much, I will say that Leanna (the main character) was written as someone stubborn, independent, and very resilient. This quote is meant to be a reminder for her to keep moving forward, and not let her past hold her back—no matter how hard it tries to. It's about hope for what's yet to come, and acceptance for what's already happened, which I think is something we can all learn from as well.

  • Talk about the Author's Note in the beginning.

Now, I included an author's note at the beginning of the book for two reasons: to make the content warnings transparent for readers and to also make myself transparent. I don't want to lie to readers, and I don't plan on doing so anytime soon. Whatever I have promised in the book is there. However, some things that are in the book can be interpreted differently than what I have written them to be. For instance, the concept of The Book of Eternity. In my religion, Sikhism, we learn to become the best versions of ourselves through guidance from a living guru, a living entity, in the form of a book. And before people made any comparisons to my religion or another religion's (like Christianity, for that matter, with the Bible) I wanted to make it clear that this book is by no means an accurate representation—or any representation at all—of religions in our current world. The idea is entirely fictitious and belongs to my story, which is set in a fictional town with its own religious traditions about 100 or so years into the future. It isn't meant to be a comparison to anything that exists right now, merely an idea of "what-if" as I mentioned in the Author's Note. That's all :)

  • When is the sequel coming out?

I won't be sharing that as of right now, buuuuuuut....

If you would like to read:

- Book 1 of The Book of Eternity series

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- An exclusive interview with me, the Author

- AND the TITLE + BLURB for the sequel + an estimated publication date

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⭐️ If you've already preordered the Ebook from another platform, no worries! I'll be selling the following exclusively in my shop as well:

- Deleted scenes from Freedom for Eternity (Book 1)

- An exclusive interview with me, the Author

- AND the TITLE + BLURB for the sequel + an estimated publication date

AHH FFE COMES OUT EVERYWHERE IN 2 DAYS! Let's freak out together on my other socials🙈 If you let me know that you came from this blog post, I'll send you a discount code for my shop that gets you 10% on my entire sticker collection <3

Alright, talk to you all real soon! Stay safe and healthy xx

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